Entrust prepare your wedding day in reliable hands of the hotel staff Klor. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority, and therefore with great care as well as take care of the smallest details. Forget the boring interiors of classic hotels and restaurants and will make your day D stylish environment that you'll love. Who would not want to have your wedding in an environment as similar to the room Castle in England? Your wedding photos will be perfect!
Have no worries with planning receptions. We provide superior refreshment of your choice and decorate the room and we match with your ideas. Classic wedding reception, party or grill grilling pig? I can do it easily. Order everything you need - flower arrangements, live music, photographer, cameraman, prepare a banquet, general catering, sweets, cakes, hampers, arrange accommodation in luxury rooms and much more. Everything goes according to plan. The celebration can take place in the restaurant or outside. Let yourself be pampered by pleasant staff, enjoy delicious meals and keep your eyes only for her husband / ku. Do not worry about anything and enjoy your day! 

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